Um, no. You don’t get to tell a feminist survivor of DV that feminism hasn’t helped her. You don’t get to dictate my experience to me. You don’t get to come on my page and tell me that I’m a bully for being a feminist .And your misunderstanding of the Duluth model is palpable. Moreover, you’re wrong that situational couple violence hasn't been studied. Indeed, women abuse men just as often as men abuse women. But feminism is no longer solely about the pursuit of “equality,” it’s about undoing toxic gender ideals and gender-based violence. It’s about stopping DV as much as we can. And that’s why feminism has the support it has. I am an expert on bullying and DV as being on the same spectrum. I agree with you that DV is near impossible to eradicate, but at least I try, rather than gaslighting people on Medium, and I am active in my community as well as the academic world to try and do so.

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