The arrogance is what gets me. They call it “bad filmmaking” as though including women is some sort of cinematographic error and the thousands of people who worked on the film are all terrible at their jobs. They say it’s “pandering” as though Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon are totally unpopular and disliked. They say it’s “insulting” as though the studio executives personally decided to ruin these idiots’ lives.

This notion that only these dudes are allowed to decide what’s good, because “my childhood,” drives me nuts. What about my childhood? What about the fact that I always had to watch boys be the lead characters of my favorite movies? Don’t I deserve to see people like me be the stars?

The original still exists. Reboots and sequels don’t spoil them. After all, I still love Alien even though Prometheus came out.

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