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The 3 Pieces of Advice EVERY Business Guru Gives

and why you deserve better

Rachel Wayne
6 min readApr 12, 2022


Being an entrepreneur is anything but easy. As most of us were raised to cultivate our overbearing urge to appease capitalists, it’s logistically and mentally challenging to carve our own path. We’re sold big ideas about “pursuing our dream” yet socialized to meet an external employer’s demands.

Rigid schedules. Uncompensated overtime. A constant need to stroke egos and go “above and beyond” rather than finding more efficient solutions.

It’s no wonder that many entrepreneurial types opted for the hustle life, however difficult. I’m one of them: after yet another 9–5 job let me down, I decided to never again put all my eggs in one basket.

But of course, I faced challenges: the need to procure all my equipment and develop an efficient schedule for myself. To successfully find and secure clients. To strategize the growth of my business.

Yet when I began reaching out for entrepreneurial help, I discovered the insidious world of business coaching, a minefield of faux gurus who capitalize on business owners’ frustration to line their own pockets — and with no true expertise to share.

I’ve encountered way too many of these unscrupulous coaches… and as it so happens, most of them share the exact same advice that they present as their unique solution.

Here it is, so you don’t have to cough up $1000 or more to streamline your business.

Automate Your Operations

Every single business coach I’ve encountered has advised me to automate my business. Sometimes, it’s been a helpful reminder. But more often than not, it’s paraded as a unique panacea that no one else has EVER conceived.

Wrong. Visit the websites and blogs of any major project management app, and you’ll see plenty of advice for automation. Yes, it’s helpful. No, it won’t instantly solve your business problems.

That’s because each enterprise is unique — and the more unique something is, the harder it is to automate. I use HoneyBook to automatically send nurture emails to people who fill out my inquiry form. That’s all well and good, but developing a client relationship takes more than…



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