So, if you don’t like a movie, its “diverse” characters are tokenism? Funny, I hear so many complaints about Rose — only from men — and yet I found her an engaging, funny character. No, she didn’t have to be of Asian descent, but is it so terrible that she is? Would the movie have been better were she not in it? Or just if she had been played by a fiery redhead? And if you think no one has a problem with Leia’s character, you haven’t been paying attention.

I’m also baffled by your assessment of the Jurassic World films. Not sure how you can say that it was neither controversial nor had a strong woman when the first features Claire in heels (which was a point of ample online discussion), and the second with her handling a truck with James Bond skills. Plus, a strong animal-rights plotline. You really think there isn’t a leftist approach there?

Whenever I read these complaints about gender in science fiction, I gotta wonder what the author thinks about Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor… two badass female characters who are well-written and central to the plot. But by your last line, I’m guessing you don’t think Alien or Terminator are good movies… is that because they star women?

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