Working on the beach is living your best life, according to the boss babes. Photo by RODNAE Productions.

“Show Me the Money, Hun” — The Hidden Bullying among MLMs and Boss Babes

Rachel Wayne


The entrepreneurial sphere is larger than ever in history. The Great Resignation has coincided with the Great Founding, in which millions of people are launching their own enterprises or working a lucrative mix of gigs. Folks have realized that they can and should diversify their income. Online businesses span virtually every profession (yes, even that one), and entrepreneurs can live and earn from just about anywhere.

Unfortunately, this tidal wave of aspiring business owners and gig workers has attracted a new group of predators. Many entrepreneurs and freelancers were laid off during the pandemic or are recovering from years of underemployment. In these tough economic times, there’s blood in the water as people try to improve their fortunes.

And that blood has drawn the sharks. No offense to sharks, as they are actually not as dangerous as these predators.

I’m talking about the faux business gurus and money-mindset coaches who lure often-desperate people with promises of wealth. In reality, they’re snake-oil peddlers who shame and blame prospects for their socioeconomic status until they become eager clients.

”It’s Your Fault You’re A Failure”

The Law of Attraction is the idea that we must put out positive energy in order to receive positive outcomes. Some people also refer to this as an “abundance mindset” or “manifestation.”

As a pagan, I do cherish the exchange of energy and strive to live an ethical, connected life. However, that doesn’t mean that the Universe is a slot machine, where Good Thoughts lead to Wealth and Happiness while Bad Thoughts land you in the poorhouse.

Yet that’s exactly the attitude that pervades our society. The Law of Attraction is the “woo-woo” version of the Protestant Work Ethic: the concept that hard work equates to morality, and therefore we must work hard to live a comfortable life.

Sounds good in theory, but in modern society, both ideas have excused terrible injustices. As the living-wage movement plods onward, we’ve seen countless people insist that “unskilled” service workers don’t deserve a measly $15/hour. We’ve seen self-educated economists declare that society…



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