My Daily To-Do List

A portrait of a workaholic

Feed the cats.

Check all social media notifications.

Feel anxious about negative comment.

Debate whether or not to engage obvious troll.

Remind the cats that they’ve already been fed.

Check social media calendar for the day.

Second-guess the copy I wrote to promote my freelance business.

Post anyway.

Make coffee.

Forget to take medicine or eat breakfast.

Answer messages from clients.

Search for jobs on freelance gig sites.

Write in bullet journal.

Stumble over dirty clothes on floor on way to bathroom.

Decide to take a break from work to clean up the house.

Feel frustrated and retreat to my desk.

Do a bit of work.

Make more coffee.

Get into the flow and finally feel productive.

Skip lunch because I don’t want to stop working.

Finish and reward myself with a trip to Facebook.

Get distracted for 30 minutes admiring friends’ travel photos.

Feel worried about money.

Check bank account to confirm that I’m broke.

Search for more freelance jobs.

Force myself to go eat to stop my stomach from growling.

Feed the cats.

Write on Medium in hopes of achieving fame and fortune.

Read article about how I’ll never get rich quick on Medium. Or anywhere.

Sigh and go back to work.

Take a break to do a few chores that I know Husband won’t do.

End up spending several hours cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.

Discover that it’s already 8pm.

Hastily make dinner.

Scarf down food while trying to squeeze out a bit more work.

Realize I haven’t drunk any water today.

Drink beer instead. Wine will also do.

Catch up on the news.

Feel dismayed at the state of the world.

Experience dash of inspiration.

Stay up late to work on yet another project.

Crash on the couch.

Dream about all the things I didn’t get done today.

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Writer by day, circus artist by night. I write about art, media, culture, health, science, and where they all meet. Join my list:

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