Most remote workers aren’t lazy…in fact, research shows that remote workers tend to be more productive and work longer hours. That said, I realize that you’re talking about people who are newly remote and are taking advantage of it. I suspect, though, that many of these leechers were almost as lazy when they were in the office. :-P

This part I highlighted, though, got me thinking about the bigger problem: that so many people aren’t invested in their jobs. Me, I’m a freelance writer. I’ve been WFH for nearly a year, and I love it. But I also love helping people with their business’s needs. It’s more than the money to me. And I agree, it’s frustrating to see people who don’t care about their job and probably offer little value to other people.

Still, I hope more people are now able to WFH if they need to, and I also hope that we can shake this cultural idea that everyone should aspire toward white-collar jobs or else they’ve “failed.” The whole idea of “work–life balance” relies on this idea that work is separate from life and that we just need to have a job to get by. Especially in WFH situations, that’s a problematic notion.

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