It is not only unethical, but disgusting. My story about having OCD during a pandemic got slapped with the “fact-check” notice and a list of recommended articles. How insulting, to first insinuate that my life needs to be fact-checked, and then to put that list from their pet writers at the bottom of my highly personal piece.

Of course, I’m also a science writer specializing in epidemiology and Medium has yet to accept any of my carefully researched pieces for “distribution.”

And here you are, helping legitimate medical professionals publish on Medium, and even they can’t get their story out there.

Curation started out as a good thing, but it’s warped into something that makes writers doubt themselves and hurts their income.

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Writer by day, circus artist by night. I write about art, media, culture, health, science, and where they all meet. Join my list:

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