Interesting perspective. In my piece about talent being a myth, I talk about the difference between illusory talent and discipline…but although I don’t touch on ability, I do think it’s not only possible for people to be good at multiple things, but to use that as an easy out when hurdles are thrown in their path. For those with imposter syndrome, this might be more likely. I do also think that some people “dabble” in order to seem well-rounded, when in fact they should devote more time and practice true passion. If their true passion is something considered useless or shameful in society, they might put on a guise of being a Renaissance man or woman to allow other, more acceptable pursuits to coincide with some less accepted ones. Ultimately, the key is to really dig deep and be honest with oneself about one’s passion. Talent can be cultivated…but true passion can’t be faked.

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