Indeed. It’s becoming more and more of a problem on Medium. I can’t help but wonder if it’s happened to me before and I just didn’t notice. Horrifying thought. I hear that a certain “Medium influencer” who frequently plagiarized women writers was finally banned for it. Hopefully, this happens to Daniel.

Like you, I’ve been here a long time, although not as long as you. I’ve worked really hard to “make it” on Medium, and I now make a decent side income from my work. It infuriates me that some schmuck can just grab my stories and profit from them. And it’s near pure profit for him — while I spent 10 hours on my piece (and I’m sure you spent hours on yours), he slapped a few sentences on it and is making money off it.

I have always advocated for other writers and encouraged them to join Medium. I have been making the rounds on Reddit defending the platform against people who criticize it and its writers. If Medium does not take this seriously, I’ll be absolutely furious.

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