In March of this year, I left a salaried position with benefits to accept a contract, but higher-paying, job in the big city. I emptied my savings to pay for the move and spent several months struggling to get back on track as I dealt with higher costs of living.

Then, I was laid off after just a few months at my new job. I had no way to pay my bills or afford food. I’d been the primary earner, with my husband only working part-time. He encouraged me to apply for food stamps. Now, I’m freelancing, but while I scale my business, I need food stamps to get by.

I’m infuriated by the people telling me I don’t deserve to eat lobster, judging me when I buy a 6-pack of beer along with my groceries. I’m disgusted by the administration characterizing all people on food stamps as lazy mooches. I’m working 80 hours per week trying to build my business, and somehow I’m lazier than a fat cat who works 3 hours a day and never has to worry about where their next meal comes from. And now the Trump administration wants to effectively take SNAP away.

That stems from pure hatred for the poor, and that’s all there is to it.

Powerful piece. Thank you for sharing.

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