I’m inclined to write a whole response, but I’m not sure it’s worth it when your entire piece is based on a straw man portrayal of feminism. You apparently haven’t spoken to anyone doing any feminist work, and it’s frankly laughable that you think all feminists are somehow against femininity. Believe me, there are problems with how some people “do” feminism (you can read my articles for more of my thoughts), but it is hardly a monolithic movement as you suggest, and a few bad apples do not define this movement. By the same hand, I would say that you, as an anti-feminist, do not represent all anti-feminists as I truly believe that there are misunderstandings wrought by the smear campaign against feminists and some people are willing to listen and understand—perhaps you’re one of them. I’d also like to see sources for your assertions that the movement is waning or that people are leaving it, because I’ve seen quite the opposite. I think the Women’s March speaks for itself.

You’re also wrong about high heels; they were developed as footwear for horse-riding men and later become popular female footwear.

How do I know? I’m a feminist. I believe in equality, but no, “we” don’t have it. It’s not just about men and women, either—race, class, and disability all come into play. I’m concerned about sexual assault against both men and women, I’m concerned about mental health and suicide among both men and women. I’m concerned about the rights of transgender people. I also wear high heels and makeup, have a male partner, and am a survivor of sexual assault. Basically, my existence disproves your straw man. Perhaps your next piece should not rely upon one to rant against something you don’t fully understand. And just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s being dishonest with you.

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