If you’re chanting ‘lock her up’ at political rallies then it might be time to think about what you’re calling for. Likewise, if you’re determined to ruin the career of a man because you have decided guilt prima facie.

I was with you until this false equivalency. One is a political slogan used to rally support against a political enemy — and is certainly not devoid of sexist attitudes. The other seems to be about the #MeToo movement, which crosses party — and gender — lines and is not orchestrated by a single person trying to undo an enemy…and as we’ve seen, sharing one’s story of sexual assault hardly ruins a man’s career, and the vast majority of reports aren’t intended to. In either case, there are certainly people engaged therein who don’t question what they hear and who might fall into the experiment you describe…but it’s a bit flippant to take these two as the chief signs of an impending fascist regime. In fact, one might be taken as the Sherry Tousley-ness you encourage at the end of the piece, in going against the prevailing winds.

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