I keep thinking about how many movies feature some hapless hero who’s fixed by a woman. How many songs bemoan the loss of a woman who never was the singer’s to begin with. How many men I’ve seen lash out and blame feminism or accuse feminists of hating men despite massive evidence to the contrary. How many men I know who’ve pondered suicide and not asked themselves why they feel life let them down(and yes, as a feminist, I care about male suicide). But most of all, how many men I see regularly mock and demean women, joke about raping and killing them, or go ahead and grab themselves a handful while she’s working or minding her own business. It’s too many to count, and I’m tired of people telling me these things don’t matter, that it’s just life. It’s not. The research says otherwise. Like you say, these behaviors are learned. Now… can we un-learn it?

Writer by day, circus artist by night. I write about art, media, culture, health, science, and where they all meet. Join my list: http://eepurl.com/gD53QP

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