I Gained 30 Pounds During the Pandemic. Here’s What Happened.

I went from “skinny bitch” to overweight, and now I’m stuck in-between.

10 min readAug 20, 2021


“Hey, look at this cute top!”

I yanked it off the rack and displayed it to Jessica. She was notoriously critical of my flowery style, while she preferred classic blouses that accentuated the décolletage. Yet her eyes got big when she saw my Goodwill find.

“Nice. What size is it?” She asked, her brow furrowing to zero in on the tag.

“It’s a large.”

“OH!” She examined. “You have to buy it, then. Because you never get a large.”

It was true. At a meager 115 pounds, I wasn’t exactly plus-size. Jessica was sensitive about the weight she’d recently gained, although she was anything but obese. Suddenly, my naturally slim physique was an issue for her.

I did like the top, so I bought it. But every time I wore it, I remembered Jessica’s comment that I “had to buy it” because it was larger than my usual size.

Jessica’s friend, Darren, was my boyfriend at the time. He rolled his eyes when I told him about her insistence that I buy that top. And yet he was the first, as a stocky guy, to question where my hips were wide enough to bear children. “Real women…



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