I feel this so much! No matter what I write about, here are the responses I get from men:

  • Regurgitating my main points and finishing up with a flourish of “I hope this helps open your eyes” or, maddeningly, “Hope this helps”
  • Accusing me of being selfish/childish/man-hating and telling me to “grow up” or warning me of how I’m going to end up alone (NVM that I’m married…)
  • Offering unsolicited life advice that’s as generic AF

To be fair, some women are condescending as well, but not nearly to the extent that men on Medium are! Oh, wait, #Notallmen…

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Writer by day, circus artist by night. I write about art, media, culture, health, science, and where they all meet. Join my list: http://eepurl.com/gD53QP

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