For me, vegetarianism definitely accompanied a big life change: I’d finally started living on my own and was going to graduate school. It was easier than I imagined to give up meat — although I still eat seafood, so technically I’m a pescetarian. That said, I’ve wrestled with why I do it. There were some ethical and environmental concerns, as well as the fact that a lot of red meat made me feel sick. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s worth going back (if the meat were sourced sustainably, of course). And yet, I feel little urge to eat beef, pork, or poultry. So, I agree with your assessment: to eat what our bodies ask us to eat. I eat a lot of whole foods in a high-protein diet, and it works for me. I’ll never shame others for their diets. Sadly, people don’t extend me the same courtesy when I tell them I don’t eat most meat…but that’s another story.

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