Dear Republicans: Your Political Enemies Are Still Americans

Republicans Really Want a Civil War

I do not identify as a Democrat. Or a Republican. I have my political views that emerged from careful research of the issues. And because I’ve avoided clinging to one party or the other, I watch the culture war and the party divide align, as Democrats insist that Republicans are racist, sexist, classist, ableist bigots and the Republicans insist that the Democrats are mentally ill or retarded.

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Watching as a fairly objective observer, the truth is fairly clear. While Democrats are angry at Republicans, Republicans these days are nationalist, entitled, and I daresay delusional. And they really want to shoot some Democrats.

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Make no mistake: petty insults, stereotypical thinking, and a refusal to see another’s viewpoint affect both sides. But Republicans are happily following a platform that includes the following:

In general, Republicans are operating on a platform of diversion, deflection, and deception. And they want us to believe that anyone who opposes them is a Democrat, and that Democrats are not true Americans.

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What utter bunk. They must know they’ve got a weak case if they can only assert their position through baldfaced lies.

I grew up in the South among traditionally Republican people. I observed three trends: (1) they think everyone they meet is also a Republican, (2) they think that everyone who loves America is a Republican and only Republicans love America, and (3) they think that Democrats are stupid and/or evil, and definitely not patriotic.

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I have yet to meet a Democrat, or rather a non-Republican, who thinks that Republicans simply aren’t patriotic. In fact, we know they’re patriotic. We just disagree on how they approach it. Having a lot of guns, wearing camouflage, and insisting that the flag be everywhere, even over your private parts, doesn’t make you love America more. Blindly following leaders doesn’t make you more patriotic — in fact, it might make you less so.

Republicans feel so emboldened by Trump, a former Democrat who really doesn’t give a flying slop about either party, that they’re willing to convince themselves that their political enemies aren’t even American, let alone human.

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They’re willing to ignore the well-documented shift in the parties that occurred with Strom Thurmond’s defection from the Democratic Party. They’re willing to ignore the obvious passion of leftists who want America to improve, and rather dismiss them as whiny crybabies.

Most alarming of all, Republicans seem to be fancying a civil war against Democrats and are happily referring to it as “Americans vs. Democrats.”

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Like it or not, Republicans, Democrats are also Americans, as are all we nonpartisan Americans. And we don’t want war.

If you really want it, it’s time to ask yourself why, when you have majority control of our government, you feel the need to kill non-Republicans. Sounds to me like you want tyranny and an open season on anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable, snowflake.

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Rachel Wayne is a writer and artist based in Orlando, FL. She earned her master’s in visual anthropology from the University of Florida and runs the production company DreamQuilt. She is an avid aerial dancer and performance artist, and also dabbles in mixed-media. She writes nonfiction stories about herself and other awesome people, as well as essays on feminism, societal violence, mental health, politics, entrepreneurship, and whatever cultural topic strikes her fancy.

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