A Millennial’s Guide to Boomer Humor: Holiday Edition

The best of the worst holiday humor

Boomer humor refers to a subset of goofy pun-tastic humor, aka dad humor, that’s potentially offensive. I’ve done an exhaustive analysis of boomer humor (link at the end of this story) that showed its alarmingly disturbing characteristics, but I’m happy to report that boomer humor for the holidays is pretty damn cute — and accurate. Here’s a brief overview.

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The Job Market is Rough

Okay, the above cartoon is pretty on point. There’s nothing quite like entering a workplace only to realize that your predecessors’ heads have been mounted on the wall. Boomers know that you're only as good as your last success, and comparing yourself to others is the key to moving up.

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You Are Replaceable

Boomers have been warning us about the dangers of automation for years. Perhaps it’s high time we listen. Drones are already delivering packages for us. What’s to stop them from replacing Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, et al?

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There’s Always an Opportunity to Joke About Sex

I previously ragged on boomers for their obsession with genitals…but to be fair, sex is a pretty fair topic for humor. Witness the R-rated humor of this naughty snowman cartoon. It’s so bad, it’s good.

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Family is Awful

Now, this theme is pretty consistent across boomer humor. Your loved ones are to be despised and family is an unfortunate obligation. The holiday certainly brings that out in people. Still, I’ve gotta admit—family gatherings can be rough. Pass the eggnog!

So, this holiday season, when you’re listening to your boomer uncle extol Trump’s virtues, take a peek at some boomer humor memes stowed in your phone. It’s probably better than anything you’ll hear at the holiday table.

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