A Millennial’s Guide to Boomer Humor

Rachel Wayne
6 min readAug 26, 2019

Having trouble making sense out of the weird cartoons and memes your uncle shares on Facebook? Regretting adding your high school teacher because you can’t understand any of her posts? Fear not. Here’s a handy guide to the major themes in boomer humor.

Marriage is Awful

It’s common among boomers to loathe their spouse. Therefore, you’ll see lots of cartoons and memes that portray marriage as an inescapable, torturous arrangement in which they’re forced to have sex with an ugly person and frequently fantasize about simply killing them. Boomers rarely practice divorce, and when they do, they simply find someone else to marry and become miserable all over again.

Younger Generations Ruin Their Bodies

Boomers are exempt from this rule, but any body modification is simply disgusting and stupid, they say. They’re quick to point out how much your tattoo will change as you age, and as a bonus, they usually draw those liberal Democrats as ultra-tattooed and pierced, because apparently being progressive means you spend a lot of time in a tattoo parlor.

Today’s Society is Full of Freaks and SJWs

Apparently, feminists and trans people are in the same vein as circus freaks, SJWs simply can’t function in the “real world,” and people are becoming lizards. (See also above theme.) But what this really comes down to is that boomers don’t like being blamed when the recession was clearly not their fault, and it’s definitely not fair that racist jokes are no longer socially acceptable! I mean, what are boomers supposed to laugh at, hm?!

Today’s Youth are Stupid and Entitled



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